Seat Design Engineer/Materials


May 4, 2021

The Role
As an Engineer in the Seat Engineering Department, you will be responsible for Design Engineering from concept to End of Life as well as problem solving of existing products within the seating realm.
Typical commodities include seating structures, mechanisms, actuators, foam, wire harnesses, controllers, PCBs, sensors, trim. A seat can be defined as a product which enables comfortable support for vehicle occupants. In some sense it can be viewed as a moving robotic structural art piece.
In this role, you will partake in a wide range of engineering aspects: including Materials [Steel, polymers composites, fabrics, etc.] manufacturing equipment, PCB design, firmware/software, production processes, general mechanical design, supply chain enablement, Quality improvement and so on. You will strongly apply your existing skillset while learning a lot.
Team members typically play dual roles as experts and polymaths. Each team member typically uses their particular expertise as their super power to complement the team. Overall, we employ an ethos of “get the Job done!” You shall report to the Manager of Seating and this position resides in Tesla’s Vehicle Engineering Team.
The Team operates globally and has many locations (Fremont (HQ), Shanghai, Berlin). In this current regard you shall primarily operate in Fremont.
Particular focus for this Role:

  • Material Science / Engineering / chemistry background with a passion.

  • Understanding the physical make up of materials at elemental level.

  • You are both theoretical and empirical.

  • Expertise in Surface Materials, Textiles, Polymers, Natural Fibers etc.

  • Understanding of Manufacturing processes and industrialization scenarios.

  • Is serious about sustainability.

  • Has a feel for customer values as it relates to Luxury expectations, performance, durability etc.

As an integrated part of Tesla’s Vehicle Engineering team you will conceptualize + design + engineer + manage Seating System parts and products. You shall be part responsible. Primary responsibilities and activities:

  • Problem understanding and defining.

  • Concept generation and evaluation including feasibility confirmation.

  • Strategic product planning.

  • Architecture planning and development

  • Packaging & layout within vehicle architecture.

  • Manage and negotiate product attributes for Safety, Functionality, Comfort, Craftsmanship, Cost, Mass, Schedule, Sustainability (to name a few).

  • Develop Validation plans to ensure full product compliance.

  • Product validation including Prototype Making and Testing.

  • 3D CAD generation e.g. in CATIA as well as 2D drawing making.

  • Use and Interpret CAE simulation results and integrate into product design.

  • Detail Design including: datum & fixation strategy, GD&T.

  • Bill of Materials Making and owning.

  • Product optimization with the appropriate analytical and physical assessments.

  • Utilize design tools such as DRBFM / DFMEA to enable robust products against their requirements

  • Participate and manage collaborative efforts with other departments within the Tesla Vehicle Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Procurement groups to ensure system integration and compatibility.

  • Commercial and Supplier Management.

  • Schedule Management for responsible commodities including parts availability for key prototype/production build events and vehicle milestones.

  • Responsible for technical documentation creation for official use and communication.

Requirements [the more the merrier]

  • Bachelor of Science in Product Design or Engineering [Mechanical, Electrical, Medical, Biomedical, Computer Science, Materials or similar ]

  • 2 years of experience. Less than 1 year one should have experience with a full design project.

  • Demonstrated interest in multidisciplinary engineering.

  • Prior experience with product design and or Engineering.

  • Demonstrated understanding of the fundamentals of engineering. statics, kinematics, materials

  • Some hands on experience where you have built something.

  • Hand-sketching [one of the many engineering languages].

  • Laboratory experience.

  • 3D modeling proficiency [preferably in CATIA v5]

  • PCB design software, Altium preferred

  • Power electronics knowledge

  • Communication protocol familiarity: I2C, SPI, Serial

  • Hardware level programming: C/C++

  • Software level programming: Python/MATLAB

  • Automotive engineering with seating experience is preferred but not mandatory.

  • Have a good mix of designing a variety of materials (stamped, injection mold, etc.) and designing kinematics/ mechanisms.

  • Strong working knowledge of Design for Manufacturing, including familiarity with GD&T and dimensional engineering.

  • Strong familiarity with the development of specifications, DFMEAs, DVP&R’s and other technical documents.

  • Demonstrated ability to manage difficult projects with tight timing constraints and provide examples of such scenarios throughout your career.

  • Organized.

  • Evidence of Exceptional Ability

  • Preferred languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Chinese, Hindi, Creole…