Process Technician, Paint


March 24, 2021

上海市, CN

  • Report to process manager, Painting. 直线汇报给工艺经理。
  • Follow up the quality status of the topcoat, including color, orange peel, film thickness, etc.负责面漆相关质量状态的跟踪,包括色差、桔皮、膜厚等。
  • Responsible for the solution of on-site quality problems, and maintain the normal operation of paint process, including defects such as sag, pinhole and so on.负责现场质量问题的解决, 维护面漆工艺的正常运行,包括流挂、针孔、缩孔等缺陷。
  • Responsible for the modification and maintenance of spraying parameters for the robot in the spraying booth, including spraying flow rate, shape air and voltage.负责喷房机器人喷涂参数的修改和维护,包括喷涂流量、成型空气、电压。
  • Assist the paint process engineer to optimize and maintain the spraying track of the robot in the spraying booth协助面漆工程师完成喷房机器人喷涂轨迹的优化和维护
  • Responsible for the analysis and improvement of ash particle status on site负责现场灰粒状态的跟踪、分析和改善
  • Complete other works which assigned by line manager. 完成直线经理安排的其他工作;

  • College degree or above.
  • 大专或本科学历
  • 2+ years’ experience in painting shop, familiar with Topcoat system.
  • 2年以上涂装车间工作经验,对面漆比较熟悉
  • Good communication skill, learning capability, sense of responsibility, professional dedication, and be able to resolve problems independently.
  • 良好的沟通能力、学习能力、责任心、敬业精神,能够独立解决问题
  • Strong drive, commitment, flexibility and confidence to achieve goals.
  • 强烈的动力,承诺,灵活性和信心来实现目标
  • Familiar with office software (Excel, Word).
  • 熟悉办公软件(Excel、Word)