Mechanical Abuse Test Engineer


March 26, 2021

Fremont, CA, US

Our Group
In the Abuse Testing & Engineering group, we push energy storage and power conversion systems to their limits and beyond. Our goal is to understand how robust systems are to abuse, identify weak points and recommend improvements. We accommodate external regulations but have a strong focus on internal requirements and test to failure. We collaborate closely with product design teams, serving as both test engineers and subject matter experts.

The Role

We are looking for an engineer to test battery mechanical abuse across all programs, including vehicle and energy storage. We are committed to mechanically integrating batteries into the vehicle as structure, and as such it is imperative that we understand their limits. In this role, you would collaborate with cell and “pack” design engineers to design subscale and full-scale tests that meet our requirements, as small as a single cell and as large as an entire product. You would own the testing, through planning and execution (with technician support), to results summary and shared decision-making with design teams, resulting in products with world-class safety performance.


  • Engage cell, module, and “pack” teams to understand and prioritize test needs
  • Plan and conduct tests on cells to understand failure limits and modes and design sensitivities
  • In collaboration with vehicle test team, develop sub-pack scale tests to study failure modes with higher fidelity and possibility of thermal runaway
  • In collaboration with modeling engineer, design tests and instrument samples in order to improve the model’s accuracy and utility
  • Share results and maintain documentation to be easily referenced by other teams
  • Suggest and evaluate ideas for improvement in abuse tolerance


    • 2+ years’ experience in physically-applied engineering (lab, machine shop, hobby project…)
    • Must be hands-on (e.g. fabrication/modification, instrumentation, electrical troubleshooting, sample inspection)
    • Enjoys working in cross-functional groups and leading technicians
    • CAD experience preferred
    • Experience with sensors / data acquisition
    • Able to plan many concurrent activities in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment