EU Software Developer


April 15, 2021

As an application developer, you focus on backend applications, intended for, but not limited to, the European market. You optimize and expand existing backend applications developed in-house, which provide a competitive advantage and are an essential part of our business.
Your focus will be on the various aspects of our financial and sales-oriented backend applications where you will work independently on regional projects in addition to urgent, immediate changes.
It is an exciting and demanding position that requires to multitask, prioritize and work in an extremely fast-moving, collaborative environment. Because you are working on urgent, immediate changes, you have excellent problem-solving skills, the ability to interpret data and identify improvements in the given context. This role can be based in either Amsterdam or Tilburg.


  • Collaborate with other cross-functional teams such as product managers, quality engineers and release engineers to own your solution from start to deployment.
  • In addition to ongoing projects, you are responsible for tackling urgent problems that require immediate action.
  • Able to communicate and collaborate with domain experts from different disciplines
  • The ability to handle multiple projects and tasks in parallel.
  • Communicative and operational skills as well as the ability to work with many stakeholders.
  • Investigate root cause of failures to drive continual improvement.
  • Continually learn, set, teach, apply software best practices, tools and technologies


  • 3 years of experience in latest backend web stack (Node.js, MongoDB, Java, C# or Python)
  • Be an expert in RESTful web services and web applications.
  • Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL database, i.e., Hadoop, mongoDB, MySQL etc.
  • Have experience in test automation frameworks.
  • Must be proficient user with source control management git/bitbucket and JIRA
  • Have experience with building scalable systems
  • Some flexibility in working hours is necessary because different teams work in different time zones
  • Mastering the English language in both written and verbal form is required