Engineer - Analysis Engineering


April 4, 2021

Fremont, CA, US

Materials and Joints
  • Benchmarking and continuous development of material and joint simulation methodologies.
  • Coordination with Materials Engineering and Test Engineering for coupon testing of materials and joints.
  • Characterization of CAE material and joint cards to support all Tesla solvers.
  • Validation of material and joint cards with subsystem testing.
  • Management of CAE material database and integration with MARS.
  • Classification of material and joint data quality and card sophistication.

Crash Safety Analyst
  • Perform advanced CAE simulations to evaluate and improve component level and full vehicle crashworthiness performance.
  • Collaborate with Test Engineering teams to develop and support subsystem level and full vehicle crash tests.
  • Perform detailed post-crash test analysis and correlate CAE simulations to test results.
  • Use correlated simulations and work closely with cross-functional engineering teams to progress the design and improve the crash safety performance.

  • Detailed and applied knowledge of Finite Element Analysis, Applied Solid Mechanics, Material Science and Numerical Methods in a product development environment.
  • Detailed and applied software experience in CAE pre-processors, solvers and post- processors in a product development environment. ANSA, PRIMER, LS-DYNA, HyperWorks and META preferred. Additional experience in Nastran and Abaqus beneficial.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and with teams on problems that are challenging to solve and requiring innovative solutions.
  • Demonstrated ability to deconstruct complex crash test scenarios with good logic and analytics.
  • Demonstrated ability in iterative and collaborative engineering environments – success in roles requiring high levels of technical communication and interpretation of analytical results to design engineers and technical leadership.