Data Analyst -Chassis Engineering Team


March 28, 2021

Palo Alto, CA, US

Data Analyst – Chassis Engineering Team
Tesla is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The Chassis Design Engineering team plays a critical part in that mission, helping to deliver a safe, efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable driving experience, while also focusing on the sustainability and value of the Company's products.
The Role
A Data Analyst on the team should be able to understand the basic physics behind the main chassis components (air suspension, steering, hydraulic braking systems, electric parking brakes, wheel alignment, vehicle dynamics) in order to identify issues and understand their root causes with minimal guidance.
You will utilize your programming expertise to identify patterns from the fleet as well as root cause field issues, and to correlate fleet performance with both manufacturing data and driver behavior data. Your analysis will be used both to help develop new engineering test specifications that reflect field behaviors, and to develop, validate, and implement new vehicle self-tests for both the factory and the fleet. As an example, you could develop an algorithm which performs vehicle self-tests to detect steering wheel misalignment.
Most of your time will be dedicated to hands-on data analysis for the chassis engineering team, while the rest of your time will be spent building data pipelines, tools, and applications to automate those analyses. This is a cross-functional position in which you will work with design, firmware, reliability, quality, and process teams.

  • Utilize vehicle fleet data for diagnostics and prognostics (root cause field issues and develop tests that reflect field behavior)

  • Perform correlation studies between manufacturing data and field performance to develop predictive screening test requirements (wheel alignment, brake performance, motor drive and sensing circuit integrity)

  • Evaluate self-test limits before deploying to the field or factory


  • Strong proficiency in Python, SQL

  • Strong foundation in statistics

  • Experience building data visualizations

  • Great technical and interpersonal communication

  • Evidence of being a self-starter and bringing projects to completion

  • Prior experience in a relevant engineering field is valued, but the team has openings from entry level to expert

The Chassis team is comprised of engineers from many backgrounds and experience levels. The Chassis Design Engineering team is responsible for tires, wheels, hubs, halfshafts, suspension, subframes, brakes, pedals/controls, and air suspension systems on all of Company’s passenger car and heavy vehicle programs. You’ll work alongside experts with many years of experience, high aptitude recent graduates, and people from every stage in between. Collaboration, learning, and growth are core to the team’s success. We look for anyone with demonstrated exceptional ability to solve problems in both individual and team settings.