Chiller Specialist- Facilities


March 31, 2021

Fremont, CA, US

The Role:
  • Performs routine maintenance and repair on chilled water systems and hot water/steam heating systems, including related equipment.
  • Performs daily, weekly and monthly inspection, testing, certification, maintenance and repairs on the large chilled water and heating systems.
  • Maintains equipment logs for assigned systems.
  • Inspects and corrects settings for control, and safety devices associated with chillers/boilers.
  • Opens and inspects chillers, condensers, cooling towers, belts, valves, back-flow preventers and motors.
  • Opens, inspects and cleans assigned boilers, operates and bleeds feed equipment to ensure proper operation, chemically tests system water, checks motors, pumps and couplings prior to winter startup.
  • Checks steam lines and gas pressure to boilers. Provides summer shut down of heating systems.
  • Monitors expiration dates for boiler certifications and schedules inspections.
  • Provides technical quality assurance evaluations for contractor work on assigned systems.
  • Provides on-the-job training and serves as crew leader for mechanics on chiller/boiler systems.
  • Researches and estimates time and materials needed and records time and materials used. Requests for needed tools, equipment, supplies and materials to perform assigned tasks. Monitors expenditure of supplies and controls inventory of equipment and tools.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

  • EPA Universal CFC Certification
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as an HVAC technician in industrial/commercial and industrial environment
  • HVAC codes, related terminology, practices and procedures.
  • Standard HVAC maintenance and repair methods, materials, tools and equipment.
  • Centrifugal/screw chillers, hot water and steam boiler systems.
  • Proper procedures for working with and containing freons.
  • Preventive maintenance schedules and procedures for major chiller/heating systems.
  • Knowledge in SCADA other equipment monitoring systems.
  • Chilled water expansion systems.
  • Federal, State, Local and County applicable laws, guidelines, rules, regulations and applicable policy standards and procedures.
  • Computer equipment to include word processing, spreadsheets, databases and a variety of software packages.
  • Mechanical or electrical Engineering or Associates Degree preferred.
  • Basic proficiency in MS Office Suite, specifically Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Must be familiar with HVAC and electrical codes.
  • Comply with all applicable codes, regulations, governmental agency and company directives related to building operations and work safety.
  • Demonstrate technical ability in the installation, repair and maintenance of industrial HVAC and process chilled water systems.
  • Self-directed with the ability to be resourceful, plan and organize work.
  • Provide excellent communication skills written and verbal.
  • Professional demeanor with outstanding customer focus.
  • Team player

Note: Candidates for Tesla Chiller Specialist will contribute in day-to-day operations that may be outside of their normal skill set, such as equipment repair and training/exposure to work unfamiliar with the candidate.