April 22, 2021

Job Description:
Software Engineer
Pluralsight is the technology workforce development company that helps teams build better products by knowing more and working better together. Using our Skills and Flow products, teams can develop critical skills, improve processes and gain insights through data.
We build this exciting product ecosystem by working with smart people and uniting behind a passion for what tech can create. We’re a group of good-natured, nimble go-getters dedicated to helping people and businesses build better with technology. That means when we see opportunities to create, we go for it. We don’t let the unknown stop us from solving challenges and winning together. And most importantly, we treat each other like adults. If you can see possibilities where others see problems, have candid conversations to ensure all voices are heard and thrive in a collaborative environment, you’ll do some of the best work of your career here.
Our current technical focus and tech stack
We own and operate two codebases. One stack includes Node.js/Express/React, Postgres, and Knex.js. The other stack includes Python built with Pybald; a homegrown Python web framework. The rest of this stack includes React/Redux, Postgres, and SQLAlchemy/Alembic. Our current focus is to become the source of truth for assessment-related data on the platform. We build tools to ensure our authors and production editors are happy, successful and efficient.
Who you are:
  • You are passionate about solving architectural, system, and collaboration problems that tend to involve more than just a single codebase and you love collaborating with other teams to create cross-team solutions!
  • You value the contributions of those around you and while you regularly provide valuable engineering leadership, you also embrace opportunities to let other team members lead and make decisions.
  • You value finding that ideal solution that balances the technical needs of the system with the strategic requirements of the business.
  • You delight in providing awesome experiences for customers and approach architectural design with their best interests in mind.
  • You love working across multiple technologies and learning about industry trends and effective practices.
  • You collaborate and decide on solutions with your team rather than dictate solutions to them. You prefer to use leadership and persuasion, rather than title and authority, to inspire and lead others.
  • You empathize with teammates, create safe spaces for vulnerability, and humble yourself by learning from those around you rather than strong-arming them into only doing things your way.
What you’ll own:
  • You will be responsible for the development and stewardship of the logical boundaries and systems owned by your team, while developing a solid understanding of how the systems you own work with other bounded contexts and the entire system architecture.
  • You will help your team collaborate and responsibly respond to the needs of other teams and the overall system.
  • You will take a customer-first approach when teams/customers reach out for help, effectively communicating timelines, agreements, and responding with appropriate urgency.
Experience you’ll need:
  • You are highly proficient in UI-related work - CSS, JavaScript/React, and a proponent of accessibility standards.
  • You’re proficient in navigating Postgres databases and work well with ORMs like Knex.js/SQLAlchemy.
  • You can demonstrate a dedication to and passion for Pluralsight’s values and Pluralsight engineering practices in the way you work and engage with others. Pluralsight’s mission and values drive you to bring your best self to work every single day.
  • You reflect on processes and when applicable, propose workflow improvements.
  • You have proven leadership skills in your ability to encourage others, facilitate tasks and lead teams to success.
  • You have proven that you are a strong collaborator, a trusted teammate, and are skilled at resolving conflict!
  • You have a broad understanding of many technologies and how they could best be demonstrated at Pluralsight, including CI/CD deployment using TeamCity and GitLab.
  • You have proven success using data streaming technologies.
  • You have demonstrated a deep concern for the psychological safety, welfare, and success of your team and the entire organization.
  • You excel in lean development and understand the importance of human-centered design.
  • Experience working with Jira is a plus.

Bring yourself Pluralsight is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age or veteran status.