Software Engineer - Data Streaming Platform


April 13, 2021

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Draper UT, Remote - USA Job Description:
The Opportunity
The Data and Analytics Platform team builds our suite of products to help Pluralsight better understand its product and users through the exchange of data. We are constantly evolving and scaling our platform to empower users to share and interact with data in meaningful ways today and in the future.
In this role, you will work along side the Software Engineers and Tech Lead of ADAPT (A Data and Analytics Platform Team) to create technical solutions to complex problems involving architecture, strategy, collaboration, experimentation, and big data (we know this is a buzz word, but we really do work with large data sets!). Along with the other specialists, you'll work to powerfully move forward the development, usability, and strategy of systems critical to Pluralsight’s data-centric priorities .
Our basic tech stack includes Scala with functional principles, Kafka, and Node.js. Our cloud provider is AWS. Our current focus is on scaling our architecture to handle large volumes of entity and event data to keep the experience performant while accurately and reliably supporting our range of ingestion and consumption use cases.
Who you are:

  • You're passionate about solving complex architectural, distributed system problems that tend to involve more than just a single area of knowledge, and you love collaborating with other teams to create functional solutions.

  • You value the contributions of those around you and while you regularly provide valuable engineering leadership, you also embrace opportunities to let other team members lead and make decisions.

  • You value finding that ideal solution that balances the technical needs of the system with the strategic needs of the business. You feel a pragmatic urgency around delivering value to customers and see how engineering excellence unlocks our ability to deliver. Delivering to customers energizes you and your drive encourages and inspires those around you.

  • You like working with data, and understand its value. You are passionate about how the sharing of data can build new, rich experiences for our customers.

  • You love working across multiple technologies and learning about industry trends and effective practices.

  • You enjoy working with others from different backgrounds and accept feedback about your solutions in addition to providing feedback to others. You lead when vital and excel in working collectively as well.

  • You're a fluid communicator who is capable of speaking at a technical level or distilling complex topics down to easily consumable ideas for a less technical audience.

What you’ll own:

  • You will be responsible for development of the systems owned by your team, while developing a proven understanding of how we work within the greater ecosystem of engineering at Pluralsight.

  • You will help your team collaborate and responsibly respond to the needs of other teams and the overall system.

  • You will help research and identify better ways to solve problems including the identification and use of industry trends, improving application architecture, and improving ways of working.

  • You will work with leaders and your Product Manager in your area of the business to discover, plan and strategize, and prioritize around the most impactful work to be done.

Experience you’ll need:

  • You have demonstrated the skills of a high-proficiency, mid-level engineer. At Pluralsight this typically means 5+ years of related or equivalent experience in a software engineering role; or 3+ years with an advanced degree.

  • Overall experience should include professional software engineering experience with any tech stack to include demonstrated and practical proficiency in Scala/Java/Kotlin and Kafka is required while Node.js is a plus.

  • You have a broad understanding of many technologies and how they could best be valued at Pluralsight. You are aware of industry trends and how they might be utilized to create simple solutions for complex problems.

  • You have demonstrated a commitment to and passion for Pluralsight’s values of Creating with Possibility, Seeking Context with Intention, Being [Your] Word, and Accountability for Excellence as well as Pluralsight engineering practices in the way you work and engage with others.

  • You are able to exercise independent judgment in choosing methods, techniques, and approaches for obtaining results while following existing patterns in code.

  • You understand and can navigate complex issues around application performance, reliability, scalability, and security.

  • You have demonstrated that you are a strong collaborator, a trusted teammate, and are skilled at resolving conflict.

  • You have demonstrated a deep concern for the psychological safety, welfare, and success of your team and the entire organization.

  • You have demonstrated that you are flexible in changing environments and help add value to a team’s culture.

  • You have demonstrated open, clear, and concise communication to work efficiently and effectively.

  • You have demonstrated the ability to be pointed at a symptom and able to diagnose the issue and develop multiple proposed solutions to resolve.

  • You have demonstrated the ability to proliferate knowledge in a way that is easily consumable. You enjoy taking customers (at varying levels of technical understanding), team members, and management through the journey to the end goal.