Senior Software Engineer (Node/React/Python)


April 26, 2021

This position is also available for employment in these areas:
Boston MA, Remote - Florida, Remote - Georgia (Atlanta), Remote - Massachusetts Job Description:
(Will consider remote if on EDT/EST)
The Opportunity
Discovery is a key foundation of the platform experience. We help users discover everything on the platform, from which topics to learn, to certification-prep content. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will collaborate with our cross-functional team to create experiences such as Search, Browse, Navigation and Recommendations. Our team is highly experiment-driven, and innovation is baked in day-to-day, not just 20% of the time or on Hack Day.
Who you are:

  • You drive healthy team discussion. You bring thought-provoking questions and contribute to psychological safety. These discussions lead to powerful learnings and action items for the entire team.

  • You value the contributions of those around you and while you regularly provide valuable engineering leadership. You also embrace opportunities to let other team members lead and make decisions.

  • You collaborate and decide on solutions with your team rather than dictate solutions to them. You prefer to use leadership and persuasion, rather than title and authority, to inspire and lead others.

  • You value finding that ideal solution that balances the technical needs of the system with the strategic needs of the business. You facilitate discussions around trade offs. You feel a pragmatic urgency around delivering value to customers and see how engineering excellence unlocks our ability to deliver. Delivering to customers energizes you and your drive inspires those around you.

What you’ll own:

  • Pluralsight’s Search and Browse applications

  • A consistent, reliable, and scalable product - uptime and response time matter.

  • You will work on a team that practices pair and mob programming.

  • You will work closely with the entire team (including Product, Machine Learning, and Data Science) to build products with powerful impact.

  • You will work as a team to uncover the best ways of working to drive lean product development.

  • You will work as a team to design experiments.

  • You will develop a solid understanding of how the systems you own work with other bounded contexts and the overall system architecture.

Experience you’ll need:

  • You have demonstrated the skills of a high-proficiency, senior engineer.

  • You have experience building software with TypeScript (Node/React), Python, and Postgres.

  • You have experience designing and building public or shared APIs

  • You have experience delivering software frequently, and building robust deployment pipelines.

  • You have experience mentoring others.

  • You have demonstrated a deep concern for the psychological safety, welfare, and success of your team and the entire organization.

  • You have demonstrated a commitment to and passion for Pluralsight’s values and engineering practices in the way you work and engage with others.

  • You understand and can navigate complex issues around application performance, reliability, scalability, security, and data integrity.

  • You have demonstrated that you are a strong collaborator, a trusted teammate, and are skilled at resolving conflict.

Preferred Experience:

  • You have experience with information retrieval systems (e.g. Elasticsearch)

  • You have experience with various components of a search pipeline such as query understanding, matching, and relevance

  • You have experience with streaming data (e.g. Kafka, Kinesis)

  • You have the ability to discuss complex topics with both technical and non-technical audiences