Embedded Virtualization Development Tools Architect


May 3, 2021

NVIDIA is committed to delivering a virtualization solution that is superior to the other solutions in the market, working at a unique intersection of embedded and datacenter software worlds. Much of our differentiation stems from our commitment to support fully customizable, sophisticated and complex virtualization architectures. These architectures will enable our customer to solve otherwise intractable functionality, security, and safety product requirements. Rather than emulating the industry norm: supporting a handful of VMs in a flat topology, our system is designed to efficiently support dozens or hundreds of VMs, and enable complex topologies with minimal overhead. We make the support of these systems as transparent as possible to the developer, fully leveraging NVIDIA's hardware technologies to do so. Our ambitious roadmap goes even farther, using best-in-breed software technology and influencing next gen.
NVIDIA hardware to be the gold standard in virtualization. It's imperative that our solution also improve time to market, by ensuring that sophisticated virtualization configurations don't lead to development burdens while debugging, performance tuning, integrating, and applying safety/security measures. Our mission: development in our virtualized environment must be as intuitive as developing without virtualization. This demands a sophisticated suite of development tools, written along with the virtualization system itself. Beyond providing a seamless and efficient virtualization development paradigm, the virtualization development environment facilitates the use of novel safety and security features, allowing developers to leverage the sophistication of the virtualization system to develop state-of-art safety and security in their products.
What you will be doing:

  • To help us achieve these better-than-best-in-class goals, we are a high powered developer/architect, with exemplary creative skills, diverse experience, and passion for tools, as well as deep system software experience.

  • You will be architecting and developing a tools suite and development environment to provide the developer experience described, and innovate to push the frontiers of what can be accomplished in a virtualization environment.

What we need to see:

  • 12+ years extensive tools development skills and experience.

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related fields (or equivalent experience). MS preferred.

  • Be comfortable developing on a sophisticated and high performance hardware/software target.

  • Be a fast learner, with a generalist approach, since this effort will break new ground in virtualization systems and developer support.

  • Have a passion for working on cutting edge architecture and systems, and the ambition to push that edge.

  • Demand for highest software quality and speed-of-light performance in the resulting product.

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