July 21, 2021

Duration: 3+Months


  • Certification CISA (ISACA) or CAP (ISC2) ? Minimum 3 to 5 years Mid-level Experience
  • Access Management
  • Identify list of employees who have left HP
  • ADO Tickets Ensure access removed when employees leave HP (?leavers?)
  • Produce reports
  • Track equipment
  • Validate training
  • Document process for leavers
  • Inventory Management Ensures all inventories are updated monthly and quarterly
  • Reviews automation and approves merges within GitHub
  • Closes ADO tickets based on automated inventories
  • Follows up on Software Inventory and Microservices Inventory ensuring accuracy of data to team leads identified in ADO. Ensures wikis are updated and formally updates wikis as needed
  • Reviews Pull Requests tickets to ensure staff recorded testing of microservices and approval statement.
  • Collaborates with Lead Dev and TPM to ensure that NFRs for release management are meeting the SSDL process.
  • Vulnerability Management Completes vulnerability management reports
  • Reviews repository of vulnerabilities
  • Provides explanation of CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) and documents them in the Vulnerability Report
  • Updates risk within the report based on low, moderate, high and critical
  • Ensures mapping of HP Cybersecurity frequency for severity is covered; and when needed assists staff to identify when action plan is necessary due to not meeting the severity levels identified
  • Updates wiki on the process, procedures, and policy alignment of the vulnerability management program
  • Ensures that all weekly, monthly and quarterly requirements are being met, and mitigates the risk for evidence creation so the solutions can meet the compliance rigor implemented.
  • Updates metrics on vulnerabilities for the QBR presentation
  • Ensures ADO tickets are formulated for bugs and various severity levels
  • Report out vulnerability aspects in VM reports and QBR


  • Provides direction on all training courses that must be completed by PSSW staff when being onboarded
  • Updates wiki, identifying course requirements for an account to be created.
  • Ensures evidence is sustained for onboarding team members and existing annual training requirements
  • Works with Learning Management System staff to ensure that training is being recorded.
  • Understands and directs the different training requirements of HP FTEs and Contingent Worker training requirements
  • Monitors HP Integrity Training and Privacy producing a report for the QBR on training completion.
  • Updates ADO tickets on training requirements not being met and provides evidence of corrective action

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